ChatCHAT WITH US NOTE: Additional 5% will be charged on stones below 0.30 cts if buying after inspection and no additional charges if buying without inspection.


    We are into Demand Driven Manufacturing which means we keep close watch on the trends and demand patterns in the market. So, any fluctuation in the buying patterns is immediately responded by our production system to manage the market changes and trends effectively.

  • Availability of the highest quality of diamonds.
  • Customers offered the facility of Packet per Piece, making it easier for them to choose the right diamond after reading their individual descriptions.
  • Orders made from anywhere in the world delivered in the right time.
  • Demand Driven Manufacturing ensures proper changes in the trends and market demands.
  • Diamonds are checked multiple times with quality checking parameters and systems.
  • Rational pricing of diamonds based only on grading and logical price derivation.
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